Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weather watch

You can tell that my art fair season is starting up again because I've started becoming fixated on the weather reports. I start listening intently to the local weather and checking the national forecasts to see what might be coming. Is it going to warm up again before next weekend? What about rain? At this particular show we had snow one year, so what about snow? Wind is a huge problem. How does that look? I act as if by knowing everything I can about what might be coming, I can somehow change it. Hasn't worked yet!

Now to be honest I should be much more concerned about actually having jewelry to sell at the show than what the weather might be doing in 8 days. But if I didn't worry about it, how would I be able to keep my nickname of "doppler Bonnie"? That came from friends that I've kept updated on the weather at their shows when I'm at home.

Okay, it's total overkill but once you've lost your entire booth in a bad storm or driven into a tornado and totalled your van on the way home from a show (a story for another time), you get to be very weather aware. It was a very happy day when I discovered that you can get the local radar on your cell phone! Birmingham Fine Art Fair May 10 & 11

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