Friday, January 7, 2011

a new decisions

This month is deliberately free of shows to help me decide where I want my work to go next. Using 22k gold in the amounts I do is no longer an option so, what's next for me? After almost 35 years at this, can I still make a living this way? What do I need to change?

There have been discussions on Facebook among the jewelers/metalsmiths who use primarily silver about how they're dealing with the rising price of metal. Are they making changes in their work, making things lighter, changing their designs, we're all trying to find the answers. I don't have any answers yet but I'm looking.

For me some of the changes are really hard. I'm dropping my line of 14k gold wire earrings that I've done forever. Love these earrings since they give me a chance to pound steel against gold and come up with something fun! Some of my designs have been around a long time, some are brand new but I've loved making them. Maybe I'll still make a few for fun...

Going back to my beginnings and working in silver again will allow me to play more. I'm going to start making some silver rings which I'm really excited about. Years ago I was known for my gold rings but it's been a long time since I've made rings of any kind so this will be a fun change.

Change doesn't come easily for me right now but I will! And I'm excited about the possibilities. Stay tuned for a new chapter!!!


Frank said...

love these but can not afford plane ticket to buy but can afford postage. email me know I am about wearing sculptures that are assymetrical

Jody Ochs said...

Your work is so beautiful Bonnie Blanford! Hope to see you at a show this year!