Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tiny boxes

The following is by Don Ament who is a photographer and used with his permission. I loved this story and wanted to share it.

Friday night the Lexington Art League had the opening preview party for the 25th anniversary Nude Show. It's a major show that attracts international work. Seemingly, the entire town (and beyond) comes out for the pricey opening. My studio is located in the same building as the LAL's galleries, it's an 1852 building that looks like a castle.

I have a set of eight tiny handmade paper boxes I acquired several years ago, made by a former president of the LAL. They are 1.25 inches square by 3/4 inch tall, have lids, and she decorated them to look like little presents you might get at a birthday party. For the preview party, I put a few of my little "Buzzguy" caricature signs around the studio like I wrote about on this forum awhile back, and then tried something new with the little boxes.

I put the boxes in a conspicuous place, and put a Buzzguy sign next to them that said, "Hey, put a Cool Treasure in one of these boxes for me." I wasn't in my studio the whole evening, so had no idea if anything would be in any of them or not. Well, at the end of the night, six out of eight boxes had cool treasures in them.

I got an earring that looks like a volleyball, a stretchy hair thing that women use, a compliment about my work, a business card, an offer from someone who informed me that she is a treasure and wants to model for me (I was showing some of my figurative work in my studio), and this quote from Yogi Bhajan: "Grace is the most effective tool. It will bring you love, appreciation and prosperity."

I'm going to save every one of these cool treasures and do this again.

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