Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My 2011 Goals

My goals for this year are very practical. Nothing warm and fuzzy, just things I can actually accomplish and that need to be done. Considering that I'm not particularly practical and I think everything in life should be warm and fuzzy, this could make for an interesting year!

1) Update my logo. Although it doesn't sound like much, this will be a big one. I stopped using my old, very dated logo a few years ago and have been trying to figure out a new one that captures what I'm currently doing. This is NOT something I have any skill doing myself but there's no money in the budget to hire someone so I'll have to figure it out (with the help of friends of course). Once this is done I need new boxes, cards and a new banner for my booth. All with the new logo tying them together.

2) Figure out how to use silver and get the same feeling in my work. Even silver is expensive these days but it seems cheap in comparison to using 22k gold so I'm going to try to use more of it. A lot more of it in fact. Very little 22k... This is the ugg goal. I'm not happy about having to do this but it's necessary and I will adapt, although I'll probably grumble while I do!

3) Stay closer to home for shows this year to help stay on top of things. I LOVED traveling the country last year doing shows but I couldn't keep up with anything at home! Personal, business, whatever. I didn't stay on top of anything. That can't continue. So I'll still be traveling but just not quite as much.

4) Keep on top of phone calls, e-mails, orders, repairs etc. This really ties into #3...

5) Clear out the clean side of the studio. Oh boy, this is a big one. My studio is 1/3 the dirty side where I make the jewelry and 2/3 the clean side. That's where anything clean happens. Major storage plus working areas. When Julia was working with me, she kept me on top of it but without her, I tend to dump things there to go through them later. Yeah, sure. That time hasn't come in a very long time. But it's now time to just do it! I need to get rid of things that I'll never use again like those exceptionally beautiful oak jewelry cases from way too long ago. How many years should I actually store them??? I may need to call Julia...

There's nothing earth-shattering here. No lofty goals for me this year, just very practical ones. We'll see how I do!

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