Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catching up with pictures

So much to catch up on!

Fulton Street Artisan's Market in Grand Rapids was like a throw back to 1976 when I started. Great fun!

Then Reeds Lake Art Fair in Grand Rapids, a show that I ran back in the early 80's.

Then "Camp Extended Stay" for Boston Mills ArtFest. Amazing how all these people who are used to staying alone in a hotel are now discovering the fun that happens when you share a room to cut expenses. This was the most fun yet, even though I wasn't at my best. What a wonderful, wacky time. Most of which should not be discussed outside of camp...

And finally, does this look like $1900 worth of damage??? My cute little van got hit in a parking lot...

Now the push is on to make new, wonderful jewelry for the Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair coming up starting July 21. This is the perfect show to debut brand new pieces, unlike what I've been doing but with the same "feeling". Can't wait to show them!