Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Susie's not gone yet!!!

A friend just let me know that in my Susie Sunshine post I sounded really depressed. Yikes! I'm not! That's why my sister is known as the writer in my family and I'm not...

I'm just afraid of losing my "Susie Sunshine" attitude so I'm doing things to make sure that doesn't happen. The "10 good things that happened" is just the first step. I'm looking for step number two!
It may be going to the Farmer's Market where I'm headed right now!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Losing Susie Sunshine

I'm losing her, I'll admit it. The current conditions in the world and in my own little world are getting to me. I'm losing my Pollyanna attitude. I'm no longer going to be called a Susie Sunshine unless I can find a way to change. So that's my goal and I found a blog that gave me the way to achieve it.

The blog is from a woman who lists 10 good things that happened that day. Unfortunately, I can't find the blog to give her credit but I will.

So here's my list from Saturday at the Kalamazoo Art Fair.

1. Dick went with me which made it so much easier and much more fun.
2. Got to see and catch up with lots of friends
3. The rain held off until I got everything but the canopy into the van.
4. Met a wonderful woman who also had braces and hopefully made her feel better about possible surgery.
5. Found the perfect person for a favorite pair of my earrings. Wish they all looked that great!
6. Saw a great customer I haven't seen in a while and learned what she's been going through and that things are much better now.
7. Had a great smoothie of strawberries, raspberries and lemon. Yum!
8. Scott got to meet "the" Dick.
9. I finally remembered to ask BJ Jordan if she wanted to be called BJ or Becky.
10. After getting up at 4:30 am, decided that 9 pm was NOT too early to go to bed after the show.

Okay, that's my first try at getting back my Susie Sunshine. It will take work but I WILL win!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Packing for Kalamazoo

Tomorrow is the Kalamazoo Art Fair in Bronson Park, my favorite one day show. Drive down in the morning, set up, have a great day then take down and drive home. Easy day. Normally delightful, quite often a rainy take down or at least the threat of rain.

After swapping out my normal booth and all the crud involved for my one day show booth, I had to take pictures. These pictures may tell the story of why I so like an easy one day show:

The first picture is the van packed for Boston Mills ArtFest, a 4 day show in July. The second is for Kalamazoo, a one day show. What a huge difference in the amount of "stuff" I have to take. Yeah, I have 4 one day shows coming up this month. Hooray!!!

The forecast is for rain which is common for this show but hopefully people will grab their umbrella's and come shopping. I want to keep it a favorite!