Friday, November 27, 2009

Catching up on my thanks...

I'm sitting in my living room, typing on my laptop because my desktop crashed a couple days ago. It makes me very thankful that I use a backup system so at least all my data is safe and secure. I'm also thankful that it crashed while I was on the phone customizing a new computer which had been planned for a while. Can't afford it but also can't run my businesses without it so, it will be ordered today. I'm giving thanks for my laptop...

I'm so grateful to be home again after a very long stretch of shows. I came home safe and healthy. The bone deep tiredness will go away... My shows were fun with great times spent with friends for which I am so grateful. Sales weren't what I had hoped for but the deep in the soul parts were much more important and they were GOOD!

I'm grateful that I dearly love Mexican food! I have eaten at a huge number of Mexican restaurants over the last few months and have eaten some great food with great people. Now it's on to my favorite Mexican restaurant, Seven Mares, here in Grand Rapids. May have lunch there today since it's been a few days since my last Mexican meal! I'm grateful that they have been able to stay open in these rough times.

I'm grateful that anyone even reads what I'm typing here. I really enjoy doing this and would continue even if no one ever read what I wrote but it's extra nice when someone tells me that they read it and enjoy my meandering on. I'm not a writer (in case you couldn't tell!!!) and this is just done off the cuff so it's like listening to me talk! Which I tend to do a lot of.

I am so grateful every time someone walks up to my booth wearing something I've made!!! That just makes my heart sing. At my last show in Madison, a woman walked up wearing my earrings which her husband had purchased for her at a gallery in Texas. It was so nice meeting her!

My doorbell just rang and there was a package for me. I'm extremely grateful for having Pat and Jon in my life and the bagels and cookies they just sent!!! So now I need to wrap this up and go have a GREAT bagel!

This has been a rough year so my heartfelt thanks to family, friends and customers who have stuck with me though it all. I love you all and here's to a great 2010!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I knew I was behind on blogging but boy, it's really bad when you log in and find it's been exactly a month since your last blog! It's not that I ran out of things to talk about since that will never happen, but I've been on the road doing shows all over the country and I'm pooped!

My plan is to catch up with pictures and stories next week so please check back...