Monday, April 7, 2008

My first blog

For years friends have been telling me I should blog. I keep saying, but I can't write. My sister is the writer in the family, not me. I do tend to have opinions on just about everything though and am not shy about voicing them. Maybe my friends and family would be happier if I could get it out of my system by blogging them instead of making them listen to me!

You'll find I love exclamation points! It's my favorite punctuation mark and I tend to overuse it. Just ignore it if you want. I tend to feel passionately about things, thus the use of the exclamation point!

If you ever come back to read more, you'll discover other things I'm passionate about. One is reading. Not fine literature, not serious nonfiction, just well written books (preferably fun) that catch and hold my interest until the end. I just finished Jonathan Tropper's "How to Talk to a Widower" and really enjoyed it. Laughed and cried my way through it. Very enjoyable.

Thanks to my friends that encouraged this. We'll see if I write anything interesting!

1 comment:

Patricia Hecker said...

What a wonderful first entry! Thanks so much for sending it to me!
Your'e the best!!!!!
(See, I like them too!!!)