Sunday, April 13, 2008

What about honesty?

I'll admit that I have a "thing" about honesty. I try to live as honestly as I can considering I'm a normal, flawed person. But I have a really hard time understanding when people lie to make themselves look innocent of something they did or didn't do. If you've made a mistake, admit it and let's move on. We all make mistakes. I've made some real doozies!

What bothers me the most in this current instance (which is why I'm writing about the subject) is that the person lied deliberately to make someone else look bad. Since I'm the one looking bad, I'm taking it personally! I have proof that she lied, that's not the problem. It's that I then feel I have to protest and prove my innocence when I did nothing wrong! Are people thinking "there must be some truth to it or she wouldn't have said it" or do they know me well enough to know I wouldn't lie about this? That I would admit if I did something wrong. But there were people that believed her. Why didn't they come to me and ask if it was true? They chose to believe her and then were surprised to find out that there were two sides to the "story".

I've learned from this one. I tried to keep peace in the group and not confront the person about what she was doing. That was my mistake. The lies just got bigger and hurt other people I care about. So now if this type of situation happens again, I'll confront it immediately, for better or worse. But I will sleep well because I know karma can be a bitch...

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Anonymous said...

lPeople who know you, know you're honest!!! If anyone doubts that, that's their problem.
Karmageddon comes to those that deserve it!

Raise a toast to friends who love you as they do tha same to you!