Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What I do for a living...

When I started thinking about writing a blog, my plan was to write about how I make a living. The oddities and wonderfulness of doing art fairs for a living. I would add pictures and try to explain what it's like to be on the road, sleeping in strange hotels, setting up and tearing down your booth and constantly looking for a Starbucks. I think I got off on the wrong track. Or did I?

I've been talking about life issues. These are all things that mean something to me in the "off" season (which is any time I'm not currently on the road doing shows). But now the time is coming to start doing shows again. Panic is beginning to set in. I realized today that I have nothing to sell!!!

Life has been very busy. Very. But none of it has really involved making jewelry for retail art fairs. I've been filling wholesale orders and trying to get all my receipts into the computer so Dick can do my taxes (yes, an extension was filed on time). But the bulk of my time and mental space has been given to the NAIA which I dearly love but it's eating me up. So starting tomorrow, I'm hitting the studio and going back to what I love doing. I'm going to MAKE STUFF!
Okay Pat, I can upload a picture. Not the one you asked for but it was available. Besides, it's the "stuff" I'm going to make tomorrow!


Patricia Hecker said...

Cool. Pictures! I l♥ve pictures!
That's why I read newspapers like USA Today!

Holly Olinger said...

Love this piece. It is so calm.