Sunday, April 20, 2008

Update and more

Well, I got an immediate response from my local Red Cross about babysitting classes! Turns out they do occasionally offer the kind of class I want. The woman said to call her which I did and we had a great chat. She's sending me a book to read and she'll try to get a class going before Kathy's baby comes. Yeah Red Cross!

I've now done with my blog what I thought would never happen. I've let it go for days with nothing new. Part of the problem is that I have too many projects going on right now and none of them have my full attention. The other part of the problem is that spring has come to Michigan. Blessed sunshine after a long, gray winter with warm temps. Tough to stay inside!

So with that warm, sunny weather comes yard chores. Chores are not my favorite. I love to poke around in the garden and do what I want to do which isn't necessarily what really needs doing. I was talking to my Dad on the phone late this afternoon and heard a funny noise outside. The sound of Dick pruning a tree. Told Dad that I needed to get out there quickly. Those trees are like my babies! I picked each and every one out at the nursery and have watched them grow! No indiscriminate hacking allowed! Especially on my Weeping Japanese Crab although she really needed a major haircut.

Which brings up that Dick doesn't like doing chores with me. He would rather do them alone, but I would rather help. Turns out that we do really well at pruning trees together! My tree looks so much better and we actually got it done. As is normal, I left him to do all the cleanup of the branches we took out. Which may be why he'd rather work alone!

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Holly Olinger said...

Enjoy your spring weather!! The pollen here is sweeping across the fields in huge clouds. Thanks for the rain to dampen it a bit....