Sunday, April 13, 2008


I'm drowning in magazines that haven't been read. I promised myself last week that anything not read by this week's recycle day was going out unread, no excuses. But this week has been way too busy to do any just plain "fun" reading so I decided to start going through them quickly tonight and bag them for recycling.

Real Simple magazine, one of my favorites. Can't get rid of those since each and every one is chocked full of helpful tidbits! I might miss out on the perfect answer to simplifying my life!!! Plus I'm just sure I'm going to make some of the recipes I always find in there. Okay, those will go back into a pile to read.

Okay, if I haven't read the O Magazines they definitely can go out since my subscription ran out some time last year! Make a note not to resubscribe no matter how good the deal is...

I read every metalsmithing, jewelry, the business of craft and commercial jewelry magazine. Or rather, I look at the pictures, turn down corners and pile them up to read the articles later. You can see where this is going by now.

I have great intentions. Truly I do. I plan on reading each and every magazine which is why I subscribe when they offer me some remarkable deal. At the holidays they offer $5 subscriptions to all kinds of interesting magazines! And you know that winters in Michigan can be long! It just sounds so good to curl up on a snowy Sunday with something to read. Which I occasionally do but it's not a magazine I'm reading but a library book that is close to overdue.

So I've escaped the piles of magazines, waiting for me to go through them and left the room. Recycle day will come again in 2 weeks and maybe by then I'll have actually gone through and read all the magazines... or not.


Patricia Hecker said...

LOVE Real Simple! ...........but then why is my life so COMPLEX????

Holly Olinger said...

As long as the magazines are not over 2 years old, you are ok. This being said as the daughter of a hoarder who probably has some 40 yo mags.