Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Babysitting dilemma

Where do you go to update your babysitting skills? The last time I babysat was probably close to 40 years ago and I'm pretty sure that every single thing I knew back then is wrong now. I've never even used a non-cloth diaper! All I know is that, according to the commercials, they seem to have Velcro tabs or something, they don't leak and they're a whole lot cuter. And if you use cloth, you don't pin it because they now have covers of some sort. And they aren't the rubber pants of the old days! I am so out of date!

So I've volunteered to babysit Ruby (name is subject to change) and my wonderful friend has accepted. Of course she hasn't been born yet and Kathy may change her mind once she realizes that she's leaving her precious little girl in the hands of someone whose skills need work. Lot's of work. Now they've even changed the rules for CPR again! I can't remember how many breaths vs. compressions and I think I've heard that you no long have to do the breathing part. HELP!

Enter the American Red Cross and their babysitting classes. I've heard about them over the years and thought what a great idea. If I were a parent I would require all my sitters to have passed this course. So I checked online to see when they were available in my area. Unfortunately, they seem to feel that babysitters only come in the young variety and you have to be 11-15 for the classes!

I'm hoping the people at the Red Cross get their big laugh out of the way before they realize that my suggestion to them makes a lot of sense. They need a "grandparents refresher course"! Okay, I'm not a grandparent but I could be if I had thought ahead and had kids! Think how much better all those new parents would feel if they knew their own parents were up on all the latest safety advances before they played babysitter! What if they had to rush the child to (fill in the blank). Do they even know how to use the car seat properly? Just one more thing I don't know how to do.

So I really hope that the Red Cross takes my suggestion seriously. As I told them, I only have about 2 months before I have to be up to speed and I need a lot of help!


Holly Olinger said...

oh my - this just seems like a really familiar issue, but on a whole nother level!! Just remember, the love will get you through it all.

Patricia Hecker said...

You gave the Red Cross an outstanding idea! (and you weren't even on the road!!)...
Grandparenting 101 Classes.

Having only diapered a nephew or two myself, my wee ones diapers resembled origami-like poop catchers.......needless to say, I'm better off with felines........

Good for you for taking this needed a "new" project!!


Anonymous said...

I remember all too well my babysitting days, and all those cloth diapers and rubber pants I changed! No one in our neck of the woods- 1970's, 1980's, used anything but cloth diapers on their kids. Love your blog!