Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The good and bad of spring...

I love spring! Love watching my flowers finally breaking ground. All the birds coming back. All the trees in bloom. Okay, there isn't actually a single bloom on my trees yet but I do have great memories of years past. Plus a friend put a picture of her Red Bud on her blog which reminded me of how much I love mine. Anyways, the freshness of the air and all the blue skies after a long gray winter. Oh so welcome.

The down side of spring. Everything in my house seems to need work. I've had the new paint for my bedroom for months and a long list of reasons why I haven't painted it yet. I have big blocks of "trial" paint colors in the living room, none of them right. I love freshly painted rooms but I can no longer make a decision on paint color. Where's Mom when I need her?

Another downside to spring is no money. All my money is going to supplies to make great new "stuff" for my upcoming shows. So that's when things decide to quit working. Like the light fixture in my office which, since I have a healthy respect for electricity, means an electrician. He'll look at me funny and wonder why I didn't just do it myself instead of paying him an exorbitant amount for a 10 minute job. I'll wonder the same thing as I write the check.

The inside of my house just doesn't seem to understand that I have no interest being indoors once spring comes! Once it gets really hot and humid, I'll gladly come back in, turn on the air and veg out in what Dick calls the ice box. Until then, I want to poke around outside. I want to do my version of clearing out the gardens which is pull out all the stuff that has accumulated in the gardens and dump it in the yard for Dick to pick up. I'll never complete the job if I have to bag it. But I need to know where I have empty holes in the gardens that I can fill up. Lot's of silent groans when Dick gets home and sees that instead of slaving away in the studio, I've been at the local nurseries and brought home more things that need planting. I just can't wait!!!

So that means I have to get to the studio and get some work done so I can start painting and getting the inside jobs done so I can start on the outside. Preferably by tomorrow since it's going to be sunny and maybe our first 70 degree day! Yes, I dream big...

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Holly Olinger said...

Lilies, and iris, and zinnias - oh my!!! Dream big, it's free.