Friday, February 13, 2009

Going to The Buyers Market

Well, we made it to Philadelphia and the Buyers Market of American Craft in one piece! Our flight was cancelled due to fog so we got in about 4 hours later than expected but with Michael’s help, everything worked out. We got my display framework set up before they shut down the convention center on Wednesday and I finished the set-up on Thursday morning.

Before finishing set-up, we had a great breakfast at the wonderful Amish place in Reading Market Terminal. Where I met these two, one from Santa Cruz and one from West Philadelphia, who declined to be named! They ordered the Scrapple which I’ve heard about but never actually seen in person. It was described to me as all kinds of meats mooshed together into what looked like a loaf shape and then deep fried. They gave it interesting reviews so I had to get a picture of them and the scrapple! So guys – if you want to be identified, just add it in the comments and I’ll give you credit!

With set-up finished, the jewelry preview opened and for the next 3 hours, we were back in the show business!

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