Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buyer's Market - Wrap Up!

Home again and pretty much recovered from the show. My shipping crates were delivered today so tomorrow I'll start the job of unpacking and sorting everything to be packed away until my next wholesale show.

This was a LONG show. It was slower than most wholesale shows for me so the days dragged on but it really had it's high points. And these are their pictures (with my apologies to David Heston who I didn't get a picture of).

So, the picture above is of Patricia Tschetter and Marilyn O'Hara. Marilyn kept me fed and filled with fresh juice during the show as well as just being a good friend! Her official job was in Patricia's beautiful jewelry booth! Luckily, they were just down the row from me so I saw them often.

The picture on the left is Michael, Grace and Don. Grace was at the show helping Michael which meant that Michael wasn't around as much. He gave me wonderful dark chocolate on Valentine's Day. Wonderful man! So if I mention Don, I have to mention his wonderful girlfriend Jorn as well. She saved me at a wholesale show last year.

The picture on the right is David Smallcombe, also a jeweler, since we're in the jewelry section! I know David from doing retail shows in the midwest since he's from Kalamazoo. He was a peach and took a box home for Michael that had some of my poles in it. I really want his wonderful pricing spreadsheet!

On the left were new neighbors, Ashley and Alberto Parada standing next to a poster of his beautiful work.

On the right is Amery Carriere who was a great addition to our little grouping! Wonderful woman with beautiful jewelry. Plus she also uses rose gold which I love!

In case you haven't discovered yet, it's the people that make a show. Your neighbors make all the difference and I'm blessed with very good ones at the Buyers Market!

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Patricia Hecker said...

Good memories and great photos of an important part of your life!
It's the people that make a show!!