Monday, February 16, 2009

Buyers Market - first full day

It’s the first full day of my wholesale show. Boy, it’s just hard to get into show mode. Normally before a show you’re buried in the studio, barely seeing daylight or other people and just scrambling to get those last minute jobs and ideas done before the show. All those great ideas you had at the last show that you wanted to implement before the next show, now you find your notes so you try to squeeze that in too. So by the time you get to the show, people can ask a nice, normal question and your brain just doesn’t want to fire out an answer! They kind of look at you sideways wondering if you’re all there and all you can think is, would a nap help.

People are nervous about orders this year, both buyers and sellers alike. The buyers don’t want to over spend and are hesitant to try new work or anything really out of the ordinary. The sellers are all wondering what they’re going to do if the orders don’t come in. Actually, this sounds like an absolutely normal, first day of the show!

Normally at the wholesale show, people walk the show, looking at everything and making notes then come back through and place their orders later. Then there are the wonderful people that just walk up, like what they see and order. I would be that type of buyer… If you love what you buy, you will be able to sell it to others!

So the first full day of the show is now done! On to day 3!

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JLK said...

Hi Bonnie,

I just found your blog. I hope you are doing well....I was so sorry to read that you have breast cancer. My thoughts go out to you.

I hope you had a successful show at BMAC. I am getting my biz back on track after a sabbatical to be General Contractor on our building project!

Best Wishes to You,

Jennie Lorette Keatts