Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cleveland By Hand

Last November I did the Cleveland By Hand art fair at the I-X Center in Cleveland and really had a fun show. Time with friends and plus nice sales means I can't wait to go back. That plus one of the best Mexican meals I've ever had at a funny little restaurant near the show. Can't wait!

The show is connected to the Fabulous Food Show and this year, Pat and I are going to find a way to go get in. We could hear all the enthusiasm so now I want to see for myself! That was a huge draw for patrons, some of whom I would bet had never been through an art fair before so it think we benefited from them being next door, in the same room. Boy you knew when Paula Deen hit the stage! A big roar from enthusiastic fans!

Back to the show. Not sure how many artists were there but it was the perfect size show. Easy to walk, easy to go back and find that favorite person again. Tons of clean bathrooms so no lines (okay, that's a personal favorite). A show director, Jay, who actually walked the show solving problems and looking for input. I saw him constantly throughout the show. Do you know how rare that is??? And he stopped and listened. This is a very good thing to be reminded of a few days before the event, the Garage Sale Art Fair, that Michael and I put on.

Here's to show directors that consider the artists to be the important part of the show!

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Patricia Hecker said...

Let's do this neighbors, laugh waaay to much, sell lots of work, eat great Mexican food,and play hooky for a little while and visit the food show!

Here's to a great show, neighbor, director!!!!
To small pints and large sales!!!