Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Garage Sale Art Fair time

This Saturday is the 13th Annual Garage Sale Art Fair in Kalamazoo Michigan. We've done everything we can to get the information about this great event out to our customers and friends, now it's just waiting for the event to finally get here. We have a great group of artists this year with both new people and returning favorites. It should be a great mix!

I finally started today to get my own personal things ready to sell at the show, forgetting how much work it is! Going through all my jewelry and deciding what to sell off at huge discounts and what to save. Gathering all those odd pieces I made that don't match anything else. And those pieces I just don't want to see again!

Plus I'm bringing some of those art pieces I've collected over the years that I just need to make sure get a good new home. Some are still loved by me and some have been replaced by new favorites. I just don't have room to keep everything so this is the perfect time to clear things out.

Then there are the supplies. Haven't even started on those yet but I should have a good pile of things I bought to make --- (fill in the blank) but haven't. Sometimes once I get them in the studio I can't remember what I had planned for them or I've tried but my idea isn't working like I'd hoped so they get pushed aside. That's tomorrow's project.

My hope for the show is record crowds of people wanting to buy just what our artists are offering this year. I want both artists and customers leaving with big smiles on their faces, clutching something wonderful they found at the show!

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