Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Buyer's Market - Day 3

Day 3 of the wholesale show starts with a Table Topics event sponsored by CRAFT. My table topic is “What I Wish I Knew My First Two Years of Business”. This is a subject near and dear since there are so many things that could be made so much easier for a “newbie” if someone would just point them out. So I take my 33 years of experience and break it down to 2 pages and lead a discussion with anyone who wants to join. It’s fun and we all come away learning things.

Because I’m leading a table topics session, it’s a scramble to get back to my booth and set up for the 10am opening but I made it. Michael was there with goodies and fresh-squeezed juice which is a great way to start the show!

It’s very quiet in here today. Very few people and just no energy at all. Hopefully that will change soon. Before all the artists fall asleep in their booths! It’s warm in here which doesn’t help either!

It’s being said that one of the things we’re running into is that Valentine’s Day is on Saturday and that’s a big holiday in the retail world. So the thinking is that galleries will come after Saturday.

Are we being delusional???

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