Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tomorrow is the day

By the time I got to physical therapy today, I realized that I had really done too much yesterday on my first day back in the studio. And I hadn't even picked up a hammer. Tomorrow is the day for that. I'm going back to the working side of the studio and hoisting my hammer!!!

My wholesale show is less than 3 weeks away and I don't know if I can even hammer yet. It sounds strange but I have been holding off trying because if my arm doesn't work yet, I really don't want to know. It's the one thing that has scared me about this whole process since I know people who are left with continuing arm problems and I make my living with that arm. Realistically, I know I'll be fine but it's just taking so long to get my strength back that it's making me cranky.

Reality is that if I spend one more day working on my never ending paperwork, I'll lose it!!! I'm tired of dealing with numbers and trying to remember what I learned two years ago in my Photoshop class! I need to be playing with metal!!! I have work to do, earrings to replace and orders to work on. I have ideas I want to try!

Most importantly, I just want normal life back again. Enough of this nonsense...

1 comment:

Patricia Hecker said...

What comes to mind are the words: "if I had a hammer......"
I hope you find your arm ready to hammer in the mornin', the evenin' ......all over this land!