Sunday, January 11, 2009


I'm feeling old right now. Never, ever did I think that changing with the times would be anything but easy but for some reason I'm spending way too much time kerfluxing about Etsy.

For those who don't know, Etsy is a site online to sell handmade items and supplies. It's a GREAT place to shop and wonderful to know that you're supporting other small craft type businesses. I've gotten great, unique gifts there and of course some wonderful things for myself. Every experience dealing with buying on the site has been positive and the people I've met have been great.

I joined a group on Etsy called EtsyWestMichigan. Suzanne at Bliss Candles (wonderful candles) passed along the information that the group existed when I was buying one of her great candles for my nephew. This group is really active and also actively selling. I swear they all have their act together even though some are very new businesses! So, what is my problem???

They want you to write your "profile", just like on blogger. If you notice, I don't have a profile here either. How in the heck do you write about yourself??? And what are all my policies???

At this point, Etsy is looking overwhelming but I just have to get over it. I want to sell more online and I don't want to sell on my website, so this is the perfect solution. I just have to buck up and get it done... I'll post when I succeed. Wish me luck please!


Luann said...

It IS a lot of work, and it's a different kind of task than we are used to. But you've done exactly the right thing--just start!

Of course, your NEXT step is to set up a Facebook page for your biz! I just did that, and oh wow, what a lot to think about!!

Kudos, Bonnie!

Patricia Hecker said...

Learning new things does take time.We are right brained and this is left brained activity!
However, I've heard chocolate chip cookies helps.......