Friday, March 12, 2010

Set up day!

I had planned on pictures of set up day but the weather took care of that. Heavy rains and big winds changed all our plans. So we started the day with coffee on the porch overlooking the lake with rain pouring down around us. Then instead of setting up in the middle of the day, we ate a lovely lunch overlooking another body of water. Grouper tacos and chowder at the Fish House in Bonita Springs.

Finally started set up at about 4:30 and got the bulk of it done, under dry but threatening skies. Will go back at 6 in the morning and finish up. Then back to the hotel to shower and have breakfast. This is the advantage to staying right next to the show. Very much worth the money spent!

Really looking forward to the show tomorrow. Love the way it's run and the people are all just so nice. It may be because they're all former mid-westerner's!

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