Thursday, March 11, 2010

Second day on the road

Well, after 16 hours on the road yesterday, it was only about 8 1/2 today. But today I hit heavy, heavy rain in Florida. Standing water on the highway, foggy, heavy rain and dippy drivers without their lights on. Luckily Dick was at home watching the radar for me so he was able to reassure me that I really would drive out of it. Couldn't be soon enough for me!

Sat around our lovely hotel lobby with a glass of wine and friends Michele, Travis and David discussing shows and what's going on with everyone. This is the important part of doing shows for me. All the great friendships I've made with all these wonderful people. To be able to just sit around for a little while and catch up. Love it!

Tomorrow is set-up day and it's supposed to rain all day. BUT...the weather is supposed to be beautiful all weekend! Tomorrow I'll post some set-up pictures. Off to sleep now...

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