Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On the road again

This weekend is the Bonita Springs National Art Festival and I'll be there. And I'll have some totally new work...if I get it done in time! I figure I have about 6 hours left in the studio and yes, that's what I should be doing now.

It's both fun and traumatic taking totally new work to a show and putting it out for the world to inspect and say yeah or nay. You hope people like it. You hope someone actually buys it since that's the true test. I'm doing some pieces that are more sterling than the 22k gold, just for the cost factor and even though it's fun to have a change, I do miss the richness and softness of the 22k. I'll post pictures once something is done.

The big drive is ahead of me. Looks like rain the entire way down which will make it even longer but once there, Michele and I will have some fun! We're both doing the show so it's work as well as play but it'll be great to have some time together.

On the road again....

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