Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Positive news in Michigan!

I'm finally almost finished with the Garage Sale Art Fair end of show jobs. The thank you notes to the artists went out today and I've started filing things away and getting the checkbook back in order. It makes all these jobs much more fun knowing that we did everything we could to get people to come shop and it worked.

The Fairgrounds said that most events right now are running about 10% down in attendance. BUT, the Garage Sale Art Fair - was UP 12.5%!!! We charge $2 at the door for adults (kids are free) so we know exactly how many people come in. We had 1500 people through the door in the first approximately 90 minutes! Wow! I would love to have counted how many people came back later since we stamp their hands for free returns.

Does that mean that all our artists had great sales? Of course not. Some were spectacular, some were good and some weren't. I just know that we did everything we could to get art buyers through the door. Then it's up to the individual artists to sell their work. I hope they're satisfied with what we did...

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