Monday, March 16, 2009

Bliss, panic, peace...

I've been rather blissfully working on reorganizing my office, working through piles of "important" papers which have been growing ever taller. Finding those little slips of paper with important notes on them which I knew I had saved somewhere. Collecting the last receipts and getting them entered into the computer for Dick to start on my taxes. The sun's pouring in the window where the cat is laying. All is right with the world... Until Michael points out today that we leave for Texas in exactly 2 weeks and one day!!!

What??? The show isn't until April!!! I haven't started making all my new things and trying all my new ideas from all those little pieces of paper I've been finding! Yikes! Panic immediately set in. I have tons of work to do and a week already filled with other things! Then I stopped.

I realized that this is a pretty typical March. The push to make new things for my wholesale show and then the Garage Sale Art Fair, both in February usually makes for a rather non-productive March in the studio. I'm still busy but on other, more office related projects and trying to get the house back in order after a long winter. Not big projects, all pretty darn small actually. But things that need to get done. Like those piles in the office. So, instead of going to the studio and getting right to work making jewelry, I decided to spend one last day in the office.

I remembered that I work better with a deadline...

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