Monday, August 25, 2008


I was told to post vacation pictures. Before you groan, the nice thing about pictures on a blog is you can skip over them or ignore them and no feelings will be hurt! You don't have to listen to a long-winded explanation of what the ripples on the water were like that day. And be glad because I have tons of pictures of rippled water and even more of waves!
The picture of Dick shows how much of the sand/beach has been eroded due to lake levels being up this year. Where the grass is by his head was flat beach last year.
I love Lake Michigan. Each day is different. Wind from the north, the beach shrinks. Wind from the south and the beach grows. The sand gets carved out differently every day. New little stones are uncovered with each changing of the wind. Those little stones may make it into some new jewelry soon...
...once again the spaces between the paragraphs have disappeared. I may have to actually read the instructions...

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Patricia Hecker said...

Oh thank you! I am nothing without visuals!!
Love the idea of sea stones in your baubbles!
When I get rich I will buy one and adorn thyself!