Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Garage Sale Art Fair

A perfect example of how fast time goes by is the Garage Sale Art Fair. It seems like we just finished up the show and now I'm already sending out the applications for the 2009 event.

This year we're going all digital. I'm sending the announcements by e-mail to the artists that the applications are ready which has ready saved me a ton of time. No more printing up 2 pages, folding them, sticking them into an envelope then adding a label, stamp and return address. I'm getting tired just remembering it! Huge time savings, a money savings and I hope I'm helping save a tree. By not printing forms for people that don't use them, I might at least save a tiny tree.

Within hours of the announcement, the images for the applications started coming in. If the early applicants are any indication, 2009 will be a great show!!! It's so exciting to see what people are doing with their work and the changes they've made. It's great hearing how excited people are about doing the show!

This is not a show that most people need to do every year since it's for seconds, close-outs and overstock. Some people come every year, some every other and some just when they need to clear things out. It makes it really fun for our customers since there is change every year and always lots new to see and buy.

Michael and I spend time every year deciding what changes we're going to make and what we want to do differently. Luckily we decided in the beginning to keep it simple so we just have to keep with that theme and not over think things! We want our show to be the most fun and the most profitable on our artists schedules. For our customers we want them to be loaded down with packages as they leave with huge smiles on their faces saying "I can't wait until next year's show"! That's our goal...

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