Thursday, May 29, 2008

The truth about my bench...

Time to come clean. Or maybe it's just time to clean. Either way, I'm showing a picture of what my workbench looks like on Thursdays. I'm aiming for every Thursday, a new view. Someone mentioned that they had read about someone doing this so I'm borrowing the idea. My hope is that maybe I'll pick up my bench every Wednesday but maybe not. I seem to work better with tons of little projects all cluttering up my workspace. It makes no sense and it certainly doesn't work with my desk. With that, I need the surface cleared off if I want to make real progress. Obviously my bench doesn't need to be clear or I'd never get anything done!
On your tour, the pretty blue trays hold small pieces and parts in 50 little bins. I was so thrilled when I found these since I'm a sucker for organizational "tools". My Dad built me a couple of wood racks to hold them so they don't take up too much space but I can have multiples close at hand. If you notice, they are actually labeled as of a couple of weeks ago. Part of my constant plan to stay organized.
The rather ugly brown rectangular trays were also a huge boon for organizing. Jean found them at the Bemis outlet store in Sheboygan Wisconsin where they make them for hospital food trays! I can put all the pieces for a project on one tray and keep them together. Don't like the color but I love those trays. Luckily she got a lot of them since I'm constantly filling them up.
The last tour item is the white bin in the front left. Because my background is from the dental profession, many of my things are dental. These are normally dental lab pans but for me they are perfect for my wholesale orders. As the pieces get done, they go in the bin. Normally they aren't in this area which is the dirty side of the studio. They live on the clean side.
I'll be curious if doing this makes me clear off my bench. It should! Anyone can see by looking at this picture that there is no way someone can get any work done there. Who am I kidding!!!

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Holly Olinger said...

White Tornado project always feel good. Why can't I ever get this organized?