Monday, May 26, 2008

Spring at the cabin

May 1 every year my parents would move north to their cabin on the Muskegon River. There they would stay until fall when they would move back to town, still going up on the weekends. If not for the remoteness as they got older, they could have lived up there full time since that's where they were truly happiest. In the middle of nothing but 20 acres of nature, working on their bird lists and watching all the changes that happen constantly on the river. All the time working on all the projects that the cabin and all it's gardens entail.

Because summer is my busiest time for art fairs, I haven't spent much time at the cabin. I know I'm welcome anytime I want to show up but when I have a weekend off, I need to handle all the chores around my house that need attention (Dick will laugh when he reads that...). I've always loved it but to me it means work because when we do go up, it's to help with jobs that need either a younger person or just another pair of hands. Until a couple of days ago.
Saturday was my first trip to the cabin this year although Dick had been there helping Dad already. It was a beautiful, sunny, cool day. Great for working and Dad had a long list ready for us. As we drove in, there was the little sign that said "Sue's Path", marking my Mom's favorite nature trail through the woods and the meadow. Immediate tears for me. This is only the second time I've been to the cabin since my Mom died and I was overwhelmed and had to say to Dad that I was just "having a moment". Not the first time he's heard that one! My Mom is everywhere at the cabin. Even more than at home. This is where her gardens are. Seeing the Solomon's Seal reminds me that I was with her and we both bought it. It likes the cabin more than my house. Lot's of memories but I'm off track.

I now "get it". The cabin really grabbed me this time. It was just so peaceful, tons of birds and the Great Blue Herons even came in just for me (of course). We saw the Pileated, Downy, Red-Headed, Red Breasted and I think one other Woodpecker. The Orioles were in on the grape jelly. Dozens of other birds. Tons of kayaks going down the river. The fly fisherman were busy along the river edges. The Tree Swallows were deciding whether to nest in Bluebird house #24 or not. My fingers are crossed that they will stay.
All was right with the world. It was nature at it's best. We got some jobs done, had a great dinner off the grill and spent some serious time just watching the river and all of nature. This must be what real people do on weekends...

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Patricia Hecker said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. The fact that you have this land to visit that was so special to her and your father is a gift you can treasure.

'Sue's Path' runs through your soul as much as it does that land. Her energy and laughter weave through you and take you through your daily journey.
In this way and many others, she is always with you!