Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Small updates...

Got home from my second show late yesterday and at least I'm popping back a little faster than last week. The show was easier and take down was definitely easier than in the rain which really helps. Now I have a little time to regroup and make wonderful things before starting an extremely busy 8 weeks.

Need to wish a happy anniversary to my favorite old married couple, Jon and Patricia Hecker. 24 years today. I've never met two people who were so meant to be together. May they go all the way through life together!

Pet peeve from my show. Why do some people believe that rules only apply to others and not them? If the rule is that you must take down your booth before bringing your van on the show site, why do some people believe that they are special and deserve to not follow that rule??? Telling the show that they can't take anything down without the van right next to them. Yeah, sure! I also can pack much faster if I pack everything directly into the van but, I was taught to follow the rules. Okay, dishonest people and rule breakers bug me. My list is growing!

It's great to be back doing shows again. I have a whole new body of work and it's like standing out there naked, waiting to see the reactions from people. And then watching as at least a couple of them try things on. And ZOW! They look GREAT! Whether or not they buy them, that's not as important as seeing your new things actually on people and looking as good or better than you planned. It makes me want to bury myself in the studio and make more new things! So, I think I will!

Thanks for listening...

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Patricia Hecker said...

Thanks Bonnie!
The old bride and groom are blessed with the love and laughter of good freinds! They enrich our life daily!
Thanks for being one of them!
Pat ♥ Jon