Monday, December 1, 2008

I have breast cancer

Wow, what a headline! I have my first and hopefully last surgery tomorrow. Then comes radiation and who knows what after that. But if I need chemo, they say my hair might grow back CURLY! I'm going to demand that part!

I'm calm and I'm ready. I'm planning on falling apart after this is all over, when I'm cancer free and can afford to take the time to do a real good job of falling apart!

This is not going to become a "breast cancer blog". If I feel the need to write about it (which I may), it will go on a different blog. But I needed to explain that I have a really good excuse if I don't blog as much as I have been.

So, Tuesday Dec 2 at 2:30est, I need positive thoughts sent my way please...

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Patricia Hecker said...

You my friend, are wrapped in love and purple healing, CLEAR margins of glowing health!

You are in our prayers tomorrow and always!

{{{ hugs }}}

Pat & Jon
>Milo, Fripples, Oreo, and newest Baxter<