Sunday, December 28, 2008

And the water comes again

Michigan has had weird weather recently. It's been bitterly cold and by Friday, the snow piles were taller than I am. Then on Saturday, it up to 60 and the snow disappeared quickly. A nice reprieve, until Dick thought to check the studio.

Thanks to quick thinking by Dick, he is saving my studio from flooding - with a turkey baster! Water is coming in from the hole that the electrician drilled through the floor for the electrical ground. Dick has been crouched on the floor, in a tiny room, sucking the water out of the hole for 12 hours now. Up all night saving my studio... I think at last count he was up to 20 gallons, taken out one "baster full" at a time.

Meanwhile I've taken my cold and gotten a good nights sleep, totally unaware of what he was doing for both me and my studio. Our hope is that hydraulic cement will plug the hole and stop the water. It's coming via my Dad who's also bringing the wet vac that I gave him because I had no use for it! The temperature is back below freezing so maybe the water will quit rising soon. Although the flood warnings for the area say it won't go down for a week...

Thank you Dick...

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Patricia Hecker said...

Well pooo...floods are no fun.......either is catching a cold over the holidays...........feel better soon and kudos to Dick and the turkey baster!!!

Making jewelry wearing a snorkel and fins isn't fun!!!