Sunday, January 13, 2013

Two Weeks In...

Two weeks into the new year and one thing is certain. If I don't set more of a schedule, all this great time off from shows will be gone and I won't have all kinds of wonderful jewelry to show for it. 

But I'm getting things done. My office has had a major clear out and deep cleaning. It's fun spending time in here again. There's still much more to do but it's a great start.

Next big job to tackle is the "clean" side of the studio. Just the word "clean" in the same breath as my studio causes major laughter. For the last probably 3 years I've been just dumping things in there, leaving it for "later". I think later has now hit...

Then I get to go back into the working side of the studio and do what I love - make jewelry. I have lots of new ideas and I have the time to "play" with them and make them wonderful. I'll keep you posted!

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