Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012

Looking back is always interesting to me and 2012 had some wonderful moments. This is like that annoying letter you used to get in your Christmas cards from all the people you hadn't seen all year. I loved those letters...

I stayed more local for my art fairs and loved it! One of the things I love about doing art fairs is the travel but I miss the time at home. 2012 was a nice mix.

Got to know some wonderful people better:

Patrica McCleery during our time in St Louis.

Julie Kradel who makes my old friend Steve Kostyshyn  so very happy.

Marilyn Greenwood and her husband Ken who, along with the Hecker’s and Mike Taylor, made the time on the Pensacola Beach between shows so much fun.

Became "Boonie" at the Boston Mills ArtFest which made me laugh even in 100+ degree tempuratures.

Had the easiest Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair ever because Jon Hecker was my roadie! My booth has never been so wonderfully engineered and due to his “fan work”, it was like having air conditioning!

Made my favorite ring ever – then sold it! When will I learn to just keep the darn thing when I really, really love it. I sold my last “favorite ring” right off my finger 20 years ago…

My jewelry won some awards!

Had some really bad pumpkin pancakes for my Halloween birthday but I was with my best friends the Hecker’s which made it great!

On a personal note - Got to watch my favorite/only nephew graduate High School and go off to college.


Had two wonderful weeks off from everything with my very best friend Dick in our favorite place (other than home).

Wow – sounds like a year where nothing went wrong, no struggles, no tough times! Nope, it was a tough year, the hardest was watching my best friend struggle with health issues and not being able to help. But I’m focusing on the positives from the past year and looking forward to having even more positives in 2013.

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a great 2013!!!

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