Saturday, May 14, 2011


So this is what real people do on a Saturday! Got up early and hit the Farmer's Market this morning and came home with lots of fun things including tomato plants. Which means that later today I'll be doing some planting.

When you spend most of your weekends doing art fairs, you forget what weekends are like for other people. And you forget how much fun they are! Today would be the perfect day to hit the Farmer's Market then go to an art fair! First seeing all the great growing things and then see some great art. Stop for a great cup of coffee and it adds up to a perfect day.

I canceled my participation in a show this weekend. Someone who must have been slightly off her rocker scheduled shows for 6 weekends in a row from St. Louis to Bethesda Maryland. Not quite sure how I actually thought I could do all those shows so something had to give. Since Bethesda was the furthest, it lost and I canceled it. So I have this glorious, rainy Saturday off! And I'm enjoying it. Doing things I want to do which includes time in the studio since I just want to make rings and more rings. Ah, Saturday. What a wonderful day of the week!

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