Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Every three months...

I'm sitting in my oncologist's waiting room feeling lucky. I'm fine, it's just my every 3 month check-up but it's a busy place. All ages of adults in various stages of health are waiting, some to see their doc, some for their chemo appointment. The patients tend to be the ones in the ill fitting pants. This is not a disease where you gain weight! Until after it's over and then if you're a happy eater, it will show on you.

First thing you do for these appointments is the lab work. I have to remember to push the fluids the day before to make their job a little easier. Not sure what all they're checking for but not hearing any details is always the good news here. Then it's the wait for my doc, usually a long one since he has a lot of very sick and dying patients that come first.

I complained once about how the drugs make me feel and he pointed out the realities of life to me. I'm one of the lucky ones and I need to remember that when I have no energy or my face breaks out in blotches from the sun. Very small price to pay for continued good health.

So today my blood pressure is a little higher than normal. Gee, I wonder why? Could it be that here the word of the day is CANCER??? That's okay because once every three months I'm reminded but the rest of the time I'm just a regular person with regular concerns and frustrations. I'm not a cancer patient, just a person who hit a bump in the road and is moving on.


Brown Purse said...

Dear Bonnie, I know how you feel. I'm glad the day went well and they don't have to see you for three more months. I see my cancer doctors one more time. It's been ten years. You'll reach that pinnacle also. The time will go fast...the days do get brighter and you will not remember all that face time with those doctors. Hugs via computer dear friend!! Now go have a glass on wine! Love, Char

Billie McCamish said...

We're sure glad you are one of the survivors!