Thursday, October 2, 2008

Michigan to Oklahoma

What a day! Started from Richland, Michigan at 6 am and pulled into Pryor Oklahoma at 9 pm. Pulled into Las Fuentes for a good Mexican dinner before going to find our hotel. Long day but I was chauffeured the whole way. I navigated and took pictures. Dick called and played the Willie Nelson song "On the Road Again" which gave me a big grin.

Once I post the pictures (I'm too tired tonight) you'll see the Arch in St. Louis and a fuzzy shot taken after dark of the big Indian where Pat told me we turn left. She was right. The very best picture though was GAS AT $3.06!!! That was even worth a call home.

About 5 hours left to drive tomorrow to get to Cottonwood and then we set up our booths tomorrow afternoon. 5 hours sounds pretty short after a long day today.

To be continued...

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Patricia Hecker said...

Okay.....what part of 'blogging from the road' went missing here?
We heard you left MI and saw the arch and the big you're home.........we need updates and visuals!!!
We're going to have to send you back out there and do this again Miss Bonnie!!!!

Yeah, right she says grimacing!!!