Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall colors in Northern Michigan

Even on a cloudy day, the colors in Northern Michigan right now are spectacular! These were taken up near Leland Michigan just a few days ago and are mild compared to some that we saw. We went north for both a color and a winery tour. As good as the wine was, the colors won. Absolutely the best colors I can remember so the conditions must have been perfect for color this year.
Just another view of some of the beautiful color along the side of the road.
We stayed in a cottage at Jolli Lodge just south of Leland. I haven't stayed there in years and now I wonder why not. This is the view of Lake Michigan out of the front window and below is the view north from just in front of the cottage.

If you remember the movie "Same Time Next Year", one of my all time favorites, that's what Jolli Lodge reminds me of. We actually stayed at the location in California where the movie was shot but I think Jolli actually captures the feeling better.

We spent a lovely 51 hours ignoring the real world and just enjoying what Northern Michigan has to offer. Now it's back to the real world...

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Patricia Hecker said...

Beautiful! I;ve never seen N Michigan in fall, but the colors are spectacular!

Welcome back to 'earth'!