Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Boston Mills ArtFest

I've just returned from Boston Mills ArtFest where, thanks to both good friends and wonderful customers, I had a GREAT time! It was like the old days when shows weren't as serious, the money wasn't as needed and we were all a lot younger and could party more.

So, first I have to show off my homage to Pat Hecker. Please notice in my booth shot, the red egg shapes on the tops of the booth. These are covering pegs that I thought should be covered with red balls, just for fun. Then I saw my favorite leg/foot shape that Pat uses in her Tattoo Dreams line. So this is my homage to Pat and her work. The fun part was that people noticed them and grinned! What more can you ask for?
The other thing I have to give Pat (and Jon) credit for is my new love of frozen strawberry margaritas. I have yet to decide if this is a good thing or not but it sure was fun!
So the weather was the best Boston Mills weather ever. The humidity was down as well as the temperature and the rain stopped 30 minutes before the big opening party. That alone made the show great since the show is known for hot and humid weather. I can't remember the last time I didn't spend the bulk of my time with sweat rolling down my body. Lovely sight while selling jewelry of course.
Another "blast from the past" that happened at the show was that my sister and her family stopped to see me on their way back to Maryland from our Dad's cabin in Michigan. Kare used to help me with art fairs back 25 years ago. I got to show off my favorite nephew and my sister saved me in the booth when I got slammed with customers. Just like the old days again. I love having her at shows with me. Good sister time.
I came home tired but happy with a big grin on my face. Had to stop part way home to take a nap in a rest area but it was worth it. A fun and profitable time was had. I love the Boston Mills ArtFest.

side note: I can't get the formatting to work on this one so please excuse the running together of paragraphs. I've spent too much time trying to fix it and I'm giving up!

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Patricia Hecker said...

Thank you for dedicating your red feet to me! Such an honor and I hope I can live up to the tribute! They are indeed very sexy feet!

We too had such fun at Boston Mills. I hope it continues along the same direction and we can continue showing our work there. Here's to the rest of the year!

Here's to Strawberry Margarita's, freinds and strong sales!!!