Friday, June 27, 2008

Buried in the studio

I've not given up blogging, I'm just buried in the studio. Busy time trying to get my wholesale orders out as well as make stock for my two biggest shows. So this would probably not be the best time to start experimenting with totally new ideas but as always, it's when I'm feeling the most creative.

Today 2 rings were "born". I made the tops and Elizabeth made the bands. Since it's been probably 15 years since I made a ring, this is a big deal. Back then I was known for my rings and they were high end gold with asymmetrical faceted stones, all one-of-a-kind and pretty darn wonderful. Very labor intensive and I finally just burned out on them.

My new rings are totally different. Not meant to be worn every day, they are fun. Sterling and 22k gold, one with a stone and one with a pearl. Layered with dimension. Simple, unfussy designs. There will be pictures coming soon. These are fun to make so now I have to see if anyone else likes them! It may be one of those naked moments but then again, I love them enough that I'm not as concerned about what others think... yeah, right.


Patricia Hecker said...

Hmmmm so is this the surprise I could not be told.........rings are beign formed?
Or ....could it be new tags for did got to Office Depot for supplies............hmmm....loosing sleep in Kansas City.........brain fog from the heat........storms rolled through tonight...........sales tomorrow!
Have a great weekend!
Pat & Jon

Holly Olinger said...

Think of your new babies in a successful light. This is good karma going up to the Mills. Good luck Bonnie.