Saturday, July 12, 2008

Before Ann Arbor...and after

I was describing to a friend today what it used to be like doing the Ann Arbor art fair. Little tiny booths meant needing to change clothes partway through the day due to the heat. Every outfit needed ironing so a big part of getting ready for the show involved my wardrobe. Now the booths are bigger, the hotel too far away to get to and the clothes don't need ironing! Much easier.

It's also much calmer getting ready for the show this year. I'm working hard but this time knowing that I'll get done what I can and it will be fine. I can't have everything or do everything. I'll do my best and that will be enough. Geez, this doesn't even sound like me!

I will admit though to relishing the days following July 21 when my "8 weeks of hell" are over. Everyone is waiting for me to do something for them, finish something, start something or just show up. And it all happens after July 21.

The first Saturday I'm already planning a trip to the Farmer's Market to buy fresh fruit and veggies. It's blueberry season here and I need to start freezing berries for Dick's cereal next winter. Before that I've promised my Dad that I'll work on and finish his finances. He's been pretty patient but only because I gave him a firm date so I can't fail him. I need to feed my tomato plants and at least inspect my entire yard and gardens. I don't even know if my zinnia's are growing.

Real life gets pushed aside during the rush of major art fair season. I miss it more than I can even explain but this year a little more has been let in. Which may be why getting ready for Ann Arbor is calmer this year. I just know I'm enjoying it...

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Patricia Hecker said...

This post made me smile!
I can hear your voice and it is smiling.
That's always a good thing!

Keep upt the good work!