Sunday, November 27, 2011


I love organization. There it is, I said it. Nothing pleases me more than to be organized. To have a system in place that works. Websites that have organizing tips and tricks and even better - forms to help, they make my heart beat faster. The organizing stores? Prepare to lose me in plastic organizer heaven. I'll buy anything to make me more organized.

This is my idea of booth heaven. Marc and Wendy Zoschke have a new booth that Marc designed and built. Look at all those labeled bins!!! Absolute heaven! The front side is beautiful and shows there work off wonderfully but give me that kind of organization - please! I want it in all aspects of my life...

So now the life is totally disorganized right now. I don't have lists going, I don't know what I should be doing next or what's a priority. What has happened here? The clean part of the studio looks like some hoarder lives there (not showing pictures of that). My poor office is full of papers that need dealing with. Everything needs help.

This is what happens when you do too many shows and they're too far away to come home quickly. Life becomes disorganized. All that is going to change... I'm putting my organizational skills back to work and taking charge!!!

Now if I could just get Pat to let me organize her little price blocks into a lovely little plastic container...

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