Saturday, August 28, 2010

Thoughts on the year

It’s a very quiet day on the lake today. Hardly a ripple in the water. It always amazes me the changes in that huge body of water from day to day and how the water seems to set the mood for the day.

With that in mind, it’s been a very contemplative morning. Our time here is almost over for another year. But I’m leaving here well rested, relaxed, well fed in many ways and nicely centered.

This has been a year of changes, most of them just small but significant. For the first time in 15 years I chose not to do a wholesale show. This was huge since it meant I would have very little wholesale unless I chased it down myself – which I knew I wouldn’t. I needed a break to recharge my creativity. There’s a certain comfort in making items for an order. It doesn’t take a lot of thought since they’re pieces for which you’ve already worked out all the kinks. It’s just making the pieces to the best of your ability and making sure it’s a nice, cohesive grouping when you’re done. But I needed time to stretch, try new things, try new shows.

So I did. I tried lots of new retail art fair across the country. I started a couple new lines with price point in mind, more sterling and less 22k gold. This was tough for me since I so love the 22k gold!

Did it work? Who knows. This year has been very strange at the retail art fairs. Crowds are way down and temperatures have been way up. When the crowds were good, they just walked by, not looking left or right, just walking through. Guess it calls for more thinking. For now, I'll just enjoy the lake...


Anonymous said...

I am nearly 65 and probably will not teach much longer. Through the last 5 years I have still maintained a few good wholesale accounts. My "retirement plan" would have been to stop doing shows and finish it our with wholesale. With the broken leg and subsequent disabilities it became obvious to me that withdrawing form the rigors of doing an art fair was the only thing to do; and the wholesale galleries became more important. Much more so.
You have been a source of advice and counsel for me over the years. How would you suggest getting "back into it" again. I "found" nearly all of my wholesale from the road. And I cannot get back into the life of the art show artist again no matter how much I miss it.

judygoskey said...

Hi Bonnie, I love your attitude. People ask me all the time about wholesale and I reply I just don't seem to be made from that cloth. I've had opportunity and just can't seem to do it. No follow through.
As far as your new work goes I always figure you can't go wrong if you are making something you like. It has been a tough year to gauge anything. One or two people can change the whole dynamic. I hope you get them!
I lifeguarded on a state park lake for years. Love watching water.

Jerry Berta said...

Bonnie I know where you are coming from, the view is exactly the same from my art booth.

Cathy said...

Your calm and peace of mind is "catching". You work hard and it's OK to "recharge" hard as well!
Rest, relax, and create!
Love you!