Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm a maker of things

Since the very beginning, I've loved making things. Growing up with a Mom who was an artist and a Dad whose joy was woodworking, I was destined to make things. And I have.

I've gone through all the phases. Sewing my own clothes to needlepoint from my own patterns. I had a rug phase, a knitting phase as well as the candle phase. In high school I bought a length of silver wire which I turned into a twisted bracelet in my Dad's wood shop. I wore that bracelet every day for years. Never realizing it was the beginning of my life's passion for metal.

When I started making jewelry, Dick saw it as just another project he was going to have to step around on the living room floor. Something I would eventually lose interest in before moving on to something else. I kept insisting that this was different. This was me.

It's now 34 years later and making jewelry still brings me joy. I'm on vacation now, spending my time thinking about what I want to make next when I'm back in the studio. Please let it always bring me joy and feed my soul since I'm forever a maker of things...