Thursday, May 27, 2010

One person studio

I'm currently a one person studio, doing everything myself. Actually, that doesn't count all that Dick does for me but I mean I don't have any paid help right now. I'm not handling it as well as I would have hoped.

It's been about 2 years since I've had anyone working in the studio (the dirty part) with me and that's been just fine. I've found I like being alone when I'm creating. Plus it's easier not having to make sure that I have jobs ready for someone to help with. I think my work has improved even though there isn't as much of it since no one is getting things ready for me to make things. The other down side is that I can't turn around and say, what do you think of this?

The hardest part right now is to not have Julia. She was with me one day a week for many years and kept me on track beautifully. I knew that every Tuesday, lots would get done. Not in the making of jewelry but in the "clean side" of the studio or in the office. Errands would be run, mailings would go out, orders would be shipped, mailing list updates would happen and everything would get picked up, vacuumed and put back in order. And I had another week until I had made it into total chaos once again.

This over 70 year old woman has the energy of someone much younger than me and a wonderfully old fashioned work ethic. Something not found much today. She was always busy, could always find something that needed doing. Probably not hard since she was always picking up after me.

Every time I see her I tell her how much I miss her but this last time I told her how horrified she would be to see what I haven't kept up with. I NEED JULIA!!! Hopefully I can have her for at least an occasional day soon. Before I'm so behind that I never get caught back up!

The picture is Julia and her daughter Jean, helping me at the Garage Sale Art Fair.

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