Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Renaissance Art Festival

Just back from the brand new Renaissance Art Festival in Ridgeland Mississippi where it was HOT! This northern girl wasn't prepared for 90+ degree temperatures (it's 65 here right now). Whew, I was ready for the air conditioned hotel room!

The other thing I wasn't prepared for was how wonderful Southern hospitality can be! Everyone involved with the show was so happy we were there and so welcoming. We heard over and over from the public how pleased they were to find all the great quality work. One woman stood outside my booth calling her friends telling them they just had to come to the show. That it was all museum quality work for sale! That gave me a big grin!

So on top of a lovely show was the fun of seeing good friends and getting to be right next to Pat and Jon Hecker. That upped the fun factor greatly! The time spent outside the show hours is just as important as what happens during the show for me. We tend to lead rather solitary lives in our studios so a good part of shows is the social aspect. This show was a great one for reconnecting with friends and catching up on the news.

Thanks to H. C. (Chris) Porter, Robert McFarland and everyone else involved in putting on this wonderful, first year event. You did a great job! I'm already looking forward to next year!

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