Thursday, June 11, 2009

Booth Drama

I have a booth dilemma. The "bottoms" of my cases need remaking. The taupe looking color was first but didn't last long. Then came the gold, thinking it was the color of my high karat gold and would pop. People would notice me! With the taupe, I feel like I blended into the street or into the background and didn't make a statement.

So I found some lovely fabric which meets all my needs but I need something to use until I feel like I can afford 20 yards of the new one. So I'm back to the gold, brand new but the same fabric and color. I can hear the screams from a certain friend already. She doesn't like the gold...

So when you see me at the next few shows, I'm back to the gold. You can't miss me!


Patricia Hecker said...

Praying prayers you win the lottery or have a stupendous show to buy the new groovy red/black fabric.
That's all I'm sayin'
Mysterious friend said...

Can't quite wrap my head around that color. What about using some on the backdrop, too?
I have that floral and pink...I am not sure if it is a distraction or eye catcher.
I only have 5 shows this year.