Sunday, November 2, 2008

Art fairs

This weekend there was an art fair that I was wait-listed for but didn't get into. It was 12 hours away but friends that had done the brand new show last year had come back raving about it. For anyone to rave about a show these days is rare so of course I wanted to be there! Turns out that I'm glad I wasn't.

The show added 40 booths this year. Added a stage with extremely loud music. Charged for corners that weren't really corners. Gave awards where the reward was money off your booth fee for next year. Huh??? Had something like 35 jewelers. What??? 35 jewelers??? No one is going to make any money with numbers like that!

Luckily some of my friends doing the show made some money. No one got rich but at least they didn't go in the hole. Others sold nothing. Such are the times right now.

What is going to happen to all my friends who make their living selling their artwork at art fairs? What is going to happen to me? These are scary times and it's looking like a very long winter...

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Patricia Hecker said...

Go Bama........
We are here.........drinking small glasses of tequila
and sucking limes...........we're taking our country back and are fed up with the status quo.........
Here's to tomororw.....THIS is the new millenium!~

Love you!
Par & Jon